This is a place where you can find healthy recipes with simple ingredients!

All of the recipes on this site are vegan and many are also gluten free and refined sugar free.

I try to make each recipe as healthy and simple as possible by using easily accessible ingredients and only basic kitchen equipment. From doughnuts and lattes to salads and sandwiches, there are so many delicious things that you can make with simple ingredients that taste good and are good for your body!






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  1. I am at the beginning of a 60-day vegan challenge for motivate myself to try a new lifestyle and explore new recipes. I stumbled across your blog and I love your ideas. I would love for you to contribute to my blog, if you are interested. I would love to build a community of people who practice exciting and healthy lifestyles. Please feel free to email me.

    1. cjm11 says: Reply

      Thanks I’m glad that you like it! I’d love to contribute to your blog:) I’ll send you an email:)

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